British PM challenged to support prayer for Britain

In the midst of another wave of recession and record prison figures following the riots, and an onslaught of bad news in the media, one thousand leaders from across the UK will gather at Wembley Stadium's Great Hall next week to ask God to heal battered Britain.

The Carry The Torch leaders prayer summit on September 17, coordinated by the Global Day of Prayer London, comes at a very strategic time as the UK faces several challenging social issues.

GDOP London was even mentioned in Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons this week, when Member of Parliament for Enfield-Southgate David Burrowes said: "In the wake of the riots, can I commend that the government and the Mayor of London support high streets like those in Enfield, which were badly hit. Is this not a good time to support the forthcoming Global Day of Prayer, which in London is going to be taking place at Wembley Stadium?"

Prime Minister David Cameron responded by commending all combined efforts of communities in response to the riots.

Global Day of Prayer London agrees with the Prime Minister that all hands should be on deck in rebuilding our communities.

GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede is calling on all leaders to therefore come to Wembley as we pray for God to help rebuild and heal battered Britain.

"In agreement with the Prime Minister I believe that it will take the combined efforts of all sections of the church to unite in helping to restore our challenged nation."

Debra Green, Director of Redeeming Our Communities will be one of many guest ministers speaking at Carry The Torch.

She will be sharing how entire communities across the UK can be transformed through prayer and united action.

"It's time for the Christian church to rise up and lead by example again. We were at the forefront of a lot of social reforms which we've now lost and it's time for the church to regain that position in the nation," she said.

Other guest ministers and artists will include Gerald Coates, Jane Holloway, Ade Omooba, Colin Urquhart, Celia Collins, Graham Kendrick, Noel Robinson, Lara Martin Bishop David Hawkins, Ian Christensen, Stephen Gaukroger, Marilyn Figueroa and Hugh Osgood.

"I believe it's really important when leaders come together that we pray. I'm starting to see things shake spiritually in the UK and we pray God will use it to bring honour and glory to his name," said evangelist Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, one of the other key guest ministers on the day.

Already key national and international Christian leaders are getting behind this strategic event.

"Right now the danger is we're going to lose a whole generation of young people if we don't move into more intensive spiritual action for God. Prayer is the bottom line," said George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilisation

"I really believe it pleases God that we come together in unity because we want to talk to God and we want to lean on God and we want to say God it's time for an awakening," said J John, Philo Trust Director.

"So I'm absolutely delighted when I hear of gatherings of prayer for the cause of the kingdom of Christ and I commend it wholeheartedly."

Andy Hawthorne, founder of the Message Trust said: "I think it's such a good idea that before we go for the big stadium events, let's get leaders together thinking strategically, learning from one another and getting rid of some of our baggage, which is going to be key to see the nation changed."

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