Boy 'With No Brain' Continues to Beat the Odds After Parents Refused to Abort Him

Noah Wall is examined by a doctor.(Screenshot/YouTube/GlobeNews)

A young boy diagnosed with various birth defects continues to beat the odds four years after his parents refused to follow doctors' advice to abort him — proving that killing babies with ailments is not the answer.

Three months into her pregnancy, Shelly Wall learned that the baby she was carrying had various health problems, including hydrocephalus, chromosome abnormalities, and spina bifida, the term for a medical condition where the backbone is not completely closed.

Doctors advised her and her husband, Rob, to abort the unborn child, saying that the baby will likely die before or at birth. The couple, however, rejected the medical advice.

"We were offered termination five times," Rob Wall told the documentary, "The Boy Without a Brain," as quoted by Life Site News. "It was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life."

It was a moment of joy, therefore, when the parents first heard their baby — who they chose to name Noah — take his first breath and cry.

Four years later, Noah is doing remarkably well, with doctors even saying that his brain is "almost back to normal," making him capable of talking, smiling and even singing.

"Rob and I broke down when we heard the news. It was like a dream. I've never known anything like it. Even the consultants were in tears. Every time we see the doctors, they just shake their head. They're just amazed at what he can do," Shelly shared.

Noah also underwent surgery to address the large hole on his back. A drain was also placed in his head to clear the fluid pressing on his brain.

Despite these difficulties, Noah grew up to be an enthusiastic kid. With wheelchairs and braces, the little boy manages to go around. His brain scans are also being used by doctors to come up with a treatment for spina bifida.