Nick Vujicic: 'Born Without Limbs' to air on TLC

Nick Vujicic with his wife Kanae and son KiyoshiInstagram/ iamnickvujicic

Nick Vujicic has inspired many people all over the world with his unique story, and now, he is about to make his television debut on TLC. 

The world famous Christian evangelist, who has successfully spread his message of hope throughout the world, had cameras document how he navigates the challenges of daily life, and it will all be shown in the TV special titled "Born Without Limbs."

Vucijic was born without arms and legs due to a rare congenital condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome. 

"All my life, I've been faced with different obstacles, and I've had to be creative to overcome them," said Vujicic in the TLC clip. "If I could help my family by me helping myself, I'm going to find a way to do that." 

On his official Facebook account, Vujicic wrote that the TV special is his "biggest American TV opportunity yet." On Wednesday, the 32-year old posted a link for the TLC clip and in the caption, he expressed his hopes that the special will go to series "to have cameras capture more speeches against bullying and more travels." 

Throughout his childhood, Vujicic dealt with the challenges of school and adolescence, but eventually he came to terms with his disability and at the age of 17, he started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Since his first speaking engagement at the age of 19, he has traveled around the world sharing his story with millions. In his motivational speeches, he focuses on living life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life.

Vujicic's disability was not a hindrance to his success. He is an author, a musician, and has even acted in a short film titled "The Butterfly Circus." The film won the Best Short Film at the 2010 Method Fest Independent Film Festival and Vujicic won Best Actor in a Short Film at the same festival. 

"Born Without Limbs" airs on Wednesday, June 17, at 9 p.m. on TLC. The show will also feature Vujicic's wife Kanae and their 2-year old son Kiyoshi.