'Boobs aren't news'. Methodists back No More Page 3 campaign


The Methodist Conference has voted today to back the No More Page 3 campaign, which advocates for the removal of near-naked women from the Sun newspaper under the banner "Because boobs aren't news".

"On page 3 of this family newspaper there is a large image of a topless woman," Rachel Allison, a young Methodist woman, told the Conference.

"This is most prominent picture of a woman in the newspaper. This sends a clear message that men in suits run the country and excelling at all areas of life, while women are be looked at and seen as purely sexual objects with a set place in society. This is not the message I want society to send to young women in the world.

"The removal of Page Three from the Sun would send a clear message that the objectification of women, and sexism are not acceptable in society and that they are something we must tackle as soon as possible. Boobs are not news."

The Methodist Church is the first major UK denomination to back the campaign, and founder of No More Page 3, Lucy-Anne Holmes, has said the team are "thrilled" by the newfound support.

The Methodists' announcement comes just four months after the Evangelical Alliance also publicly gave its support to the movement.

General Director Steve Clifford said in a statement: "As evangelical Christians we believe that we are all made in the image of God and that our bodies are a product of God's amazing design, not to be ogled at or objectified.

"We recognise that historically the Church has not always been great at advocating for women, but given its recent defiance it is a time for us to tell The Sun newspaper that enough is enough.

"We believe in the inherent dignity of all human beings and are passionate about working together for a society that says no to objectification."

No More Page 3's petition can be found online here, where it has amassed nearly 200,000 signatures.

"George Alagiah doesn't say, 'And now let's look at Courtney, 21, from Warrington's bare breasts,' in the middle of the 6 O' Clock News, does he, David?" The petition asks the Sun's editor.

"Philip and Holly don't flash up pictures of Danni, 19, from Plymouth, in just her pants and a necklace, on This Morning, do they, David?

"No, they don't. There would be an outcry. And you shouldn't show the naked breasts of young women in your widely read 'family' newspaper either.

"Consider this a long overdue outcry."

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