Bono Introduces RED to Buy Out Poverty

|PIC1|The lead singer of legendary band U2 will be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show this Friday to help introduce RED to the United States.

RED, an initiative co-founded by Bono, promotes the idea that 'what we buy can change the world'. Its aim is to raise money for the Global Fund by teaming up with the world's most iconic brands including Armani, Converse, GAP, and Motorola.

Hollywood stars Jennifer Garner, Penelope Cruz and Don Cheadle are among the celebrities who will parade GAP clothes in a series of advertising campaigns for the charity. Half the proceedings of purchases will go to RED, which will then donate funds to poverty-stricken Africans affected by HIV/AIDS.

Oscar-nominated actor Cheadle says, "People can wear the clothes and know that they are actually doing something for the world. It's a great way to merge fashion and activism."

Bono is the founder of the ONE campaign, which aims to fight against poverty and AIDS.

In August, US Megachurch pastor Bill Hybels received a phone message from Bono, who was aiming to "vision-cast" the churches and wake them up to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Ever since the rock star took a Live Aid trip to Ethiopia two decades ago and revisited the questions raised then on poverty and disease, he's been on a mission to get the world and especially the churches on board to fix what is "fixable", as Bono said.

He pondered, how come churches aren't getting on board with the greatest social cause of the day?

Bono himself has been using his celebrity influence to bring attention to the heart-wrenching scene in Africa.

"Music is my first love," he told Hybels, thanking God for his gift. A melody playing in his head inspires him to get up every morning. Bono pointed out another reason that gets him up each day: the ONE Campaign. The campaign, voiced by a host of celebrities with Bono as the leading man, as well as faith communities, was launched to mobilise Americans for the cause of poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Calling the "celebrity" thing "ridiculous", Bono plainly stated, "I'm a rock star ... but I have a head for the world's poor."