'Bones' season 12 episode 11 spoilers: cast bids goodbye in retrospective special; Cyndi Lauper returns

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The team takes on old wounds and new beginnings in the upcoming episode of "Bones" season 12.

Titled "The Final Chapter: The Day in the Life," next week's penultimate episode will feature the return of fan-favorite guest star Cyndi Lauper. According to the official synopsis, each main character's final story will be explored. Angela (Michaela Conlin) announces some big news, Jessica (Laura Spencer) and James (John Boyd) come to terms about the future of their relationship, while Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) goes in trial to testify for Zack (Eric Millegan).

Later, the team is shocked upon learning that Mark (Gerard Celasco) has escaped. Seeley (David Boreanaz) is left in a race against the clock to protect not only himself, but also those closest to him. Mark, on the other hand, plots his most dangerous plan yet.

Lauper reprises her role as Avalon, Angela's trusted psychic. She was last seen in the season 10 episode titled "The Psychic in the Soup," when the team investigated a case that involved the remains of another psychic being discovered inside a tree.

After a 12-year run, "Bones" officially ends later this month as the longest-running scripted series on FOX. Fans are obviously not ready to say goodbye yet, so the network released a new 22-minute special video showing the final days of filming. The cast and crew got together to look back on the show's 12 seasons, as well as share untold stories and inside jokes.

Conlin revealed during the interview that early versions of the pilot episode were very different from the series that made it on air. However, the creator Hart Hanson's motivation behind developing the program was still the same. "[Hanson] wanted young people to watch the show and say, 'I want to do that for a living,'" the actress shared.

Spoiler-wary fans are advised to watch the special after the finale as it features images and footages from the last episode.

The 12th and final season of "Bones" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on FOX.

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