BMS World Mission Supports Disaster Victims in Uganda and Sri Lanka

BMS World Mission has given two grants to partners on opposite sides of the world to assist those affected by disaster to live safely, healthily and comfortably in the aftermath of destruction.

A grant of approximately £26,000 has been made to partners in Uganda to assist in the resettlement of Internally Displaced People and a grant of £1,400 to partners in Sri Lanka for flood relief.

BMS partners, the Baptist Union of Uganda have in the past run supplemental feeding programmes in IDP camps and, as Uganda continues to deal with an estimated 1.6 million people displaced from their homes the latest grant will assist 1,000 of the most needy resettled households with basic necessities. The families, located in the districts of Lira and Apac, will be provided with farming tools, seeds, food, clothing, mosquito nets and blankets.

In Sri Lanka, BMS partners the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka are restoring essential drinking water to households affected by flash-floods in early May. The grant will fund a relief intervention that will assist 100 families in Galle district involving purification, chlorination and ultimately restoring clean drinking water to over 1,000 people.

BMS manager for mission partnerships, David McLellan said: "Disaster can take many forms, be it human-made as in Uganda or through natural causes like the Sri Lankan example. Part of our witness and mission as Christians is to do what we can to end the suffering of victims of both types of disasters."

[Source: BMS World Mission]