'Blindspot' season 2 episode 16 spoilers: Team meets Sandstorm insider; Kurt, Jane get very close

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An unlikely source helps the team find Sandstorm in the upcoming episode of NBC's "Blindspot" season 2.

Titled "Evil Did I Dwell, Lewd Did I Live," next week's episode will see the team capture an inside source that could lead them to Sandstorm. According to the official synopsis, with the help of Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi), Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane Doe a.k.a. Alice "Remi" Kruger (Jaimie Alexander) finally meet the source within Sandstorm. While in the process of finding new leads, the team will also reunite with and confront an old foe.

As the search for the mysterious organization continues, fans can expect more interaction between Ellen "Shepherd" Briggs (Michelle Hurd) and Kurt this season. "It's hard-hitting," Stapleton told TV Line. "Shepherd has been observing him since he was young, paid his tuition. . . . With that link, you're like, 'What's up, lady? What's going on?' That's what I love about our writers, how they throw the twists and turns in every week. It's a great story, and it's personal for Weller."

Panjabi added that when the show returns from its month-long break, a person who has been the team's enemy will be joining them. The mystery character will also be helping Kurt and his friends in their search for Sandstorm.

Aside from the Sandstorm story arc, there is also some good news for "Jeller" shippers. TV Guide reports the show's power couple Kurt and Jane will have another romantic moment this season. The pair will be together again sooner than expected and, as confirmed by the publication, they will be sharing a passionate kiss in an upcoming episode.

Last month, it was announced that UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will be joining the show as a guest star. Rousey will debut on the show's 20th episode where she will play Devon Penberthy, a female inmate who was raised in a working-class family. She is described as a tough and athletic woman who is an expert in fighting, but details on how she will cross paths with Jane and company remain under wraps.

The second season of "Blindspot" airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.

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