'Bleach' Chapter 655 spoilers: powers of Gerard Valkyrie

"Bleach" fans may have caught on early to the immense potential of Gerard Valkyrie, but few may have predicted what was revealed in chapter 655 of the manga.

In the chapter 655, Valkyrie finally reveals the reason behind why he continues to talk openly about miracles and how he could bring them about. As it turns out, Valkyrie himself is the miracle, and it's due mainly to his powers, according to Kaleo.org.

Valkyrie's powers basically enable him to receive and redirect whatever damage he may take during the course of a battle and then transfer that into his "God Size" form, but that's not even the most terrifying aspect of his talents. What makes Valkyrie an even more challenging foe is the fact that any damage he receives during battle simply makes him powerful and larger if and when he does finally choose to go "God-Sized." 

To sum it up, the more damage Valkyrie takes in battle, the bigger and stronger he gets.

Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai are among those who have seen Valkyrie's power in effect, and now they must deal with their newly gigantic foe.

In the beginning of chapter 655, Kuchiki attempts to get a jump on Valkyrie, but that may have just led to more trouble for them. 

Valkyrie even fashions a weapon out of a nearby tower just to drive home the point to his opponents that they are in very real danger, according to The Fandom Post.

Chapter 655 of "Bleach" ends with Valkyrie standing menacingly over his foes.

Unfortunately for fans looking for more, chapter 655 of "Bleach" focuses more on Valkyrie and not much else. The chapter is also viewed as being on the shorter side by some fans, so the next installment of "Bleach" may be a little bit longer to give fans an even more enjoyable reading experience.