Bishop takes heat for unusual ceremony

A bishop in the US has is facing criticism after a video appeared of him laying on top of two men as part of an unusual consecration ceremony.

Bishop Wayne T Jackson, of Impact Ministries, says the ritual has been taken out of context and is nothing more than a covering of prayer.

The video appeared on YouTube and provoked accusations of sexual perversion, according to the Detroit News.

In it, Bishop Jackson appears dressed in red and white robes as lays face down on top of the two men, who are shrouded in robes on the floor.

The bishop says there was nothing sexual about the act and that people who think otherwise have "nasty minds".

The father of nine told The News: "I have done nothing wrong. This was done in front of a thousand people."

The Reverend Horace Sheffield III, of New Destiny Baptist Church in Detroit, criticised the ritual during his radio show on WCHB-1200 AM.

"If I were Wayne T Jackson, I would find another way to ordain bishops in the future," he said.

According to the Detroit News, Bishop Jackson is seeking legal advice about having the video removed from YouTube.