Bishop reveals himself to diocese through Podcast

Suffolk's new Church of England bishop has announced that he will create Podcasts to introduce himself to his diocese.

The 10th Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, the Rt Rev Nigel Stock, who will be confirmed by the Archbishop of Canterbury later this year, has started a weekly podcast for the diocese.

Bishop Stock will release the weekly podcast, starting Tuesday 23 October, and will continue them for a month until his enthronement on 20 November.

A spokesman for the diocese has said that the podcasts are a way for the bishop to introduce himself to the diocese before parishioners get the opportunity to meet him in person, and will give insight into his life and philosophy, the BBC reports.

In his first podcast, Bishop Stock says: "Nobody wants someone coming in to tell them what to do before they have begun to understand what a place is like and how it ticks.

"So I think my first mission is to look, to listen, to learn, to take onboard what is characteristic about this diocese.

"That there is a strong identity in the area is something I rejoice in."

If the podcasts prove successful the bishop may decide to make them a regular way to interact with his diocese.

The bishop is scheduled to be enthroned on 20 November at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.