Bishop celebrates church's 150 year anniversary

The Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, was at St Philip and St James, Whitton, to celebrate 150 years since the church's consecration.

He was joined by the Rev David Cloake and parishioners for the event, which marked the culmination of 150 days of celebration.

The anniversary saw the the church open its doors every day of the week for visitors during the 150 days of celebration.

Other events to mark the anniversary have included their Diamond Jubilee celebrations, an outdoor cinema in the church grounds, the restoration of the church hall and a range of brand new community initiatives, including a holiday club for children in the area based on an Olympics theme.

The anniversary also coincides with the end of the first year of Father David Cloake's ministry at the church.

He has overseen a number of projects, including the launch of a brand new website that he and a member of the congregation designed.

The website is a finalist in the “small-church website” category of the Christian New Media Awards, run by Premier Radio.

The Bishop of London led a service that also saw the confirmation of 12 candidates.

Father Cloake said: “We are delighted and honoured that the bishop was able to join our small church for such a special occasion.

"The past few weeks have been fantastic for the parish and the local community.

"We’re hoping these various small events, together with the newly renovated hall, the revamped website and improved access into the church for wheelchair users, will help to welcome other members of the community who might want to get involved in the church community in the future.”