Billy Graham's granddaughter released from hospital after back-to-back heart attacks

Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth.(Photo: Facebook/Anne Graham Lotz)

The granddaughter of late evangelist Billy Graham has left the hospital after suffering two heart attacks last weekend.

Rachel-Ruth Lotz was hospitalized after suffering the first heart attack last week Saturday. She then suffered a second heart attack the following afternoon. 

Lotz's mother is Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham. 

Anne said in a Facebook update that doctors had given permission for her daughter to head home after receiving treatment for the past week. 

She posted a beautiful picture of Rachel-Ruth watching the sunrise from her hospital bed. 

Her hospital release follows an appeal for prayer by Anne and other members of the Graham family earlier this week. 

Doctors first suspected that Rachel-Ruth was suffering from 'broken heart syndrome', a temporary condition of the heart that can be brought on by acute stress.

But Anne shared that doctors have now diagnosed her daughter with SCAD or spontaneous coronary artery dissection, which is a tear in the wall of a coronary artery supplying blood to the heart. 

It "is extremely serious and resulted in her two heart attacks", Anne said. 

She described her daughter's hospitalization as a time of "darkness" but she thanked God for her daughter's release and His presence during the past week.

"God has heard and answered our prayers! Join us in praising Him! He has surely been an ever present help in times of trouble," she said.

"Like the sunrise, the Light of God's presence, compassion, wisdom and peace have been present in this darkness."