Bill Nye predicts creationists will go out of business in 20 years; Ken Ham says don't bet on it

Bill Nye recently predicted that creationists will be ancient history in the near future but Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham isn't buying it.

Nye - also known as "The Science Guy" - recently told The Morning Show on Global News that creationists "will be just about out of business" in 20 years or so.

He also branded creationism "pseudoscience" as he reaffirmed his opposition to its being taught in school classrooms.

"In the United States there's been a movement to put creationism in schools — this sort of pseudoscience thing — instead of the fact of life," Nye said.

"People fight this fight in court constantly, and it wouldn't matter except we need people to solve the world's problems."

Nye and Ham came face to face in February to thrash out the case for their differing perspectives on the history of the Earth in front of a live audience at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. 

It's clearly a topic Americans are engaging in as an estimated 3 million people tuned in to watch the debate online. 

But just because that debate came and went doesn't mean the bigger conversation is over. 

The two have continued to make comments on the big questions around evolution and the Earth's development since.

Nye followed up the debate by saying that he agreed to take part in it because it was an opportunity to expose Ham's creationism as "bad for science education, bad for the US, and thereby bad for humankind".

Ham turned to his Answers in Genesis blog to answer Nye's latest comments and in his view, if anyone's going out of business soon, it's not the creationists.

"Will biblical creation be dead in 20 years? Will secularists be successful in stamping out the message of the true history of the world and replacing it with atheism? In a word — no. Biblical creation is going to outlive Bill Nye and others like him," he said. 

Ham went on to say that the creationist perspective would be around as long as Christianity is. 

"Biblical creation is how God said that He created, and God does not lie or deny Himself (Titus 1:2). The only way to destroy or kill biblical creation is to get rid of Christianity, but as history plainly shows, that's not going to happen," he said.