Bikers attack SUV VIDEO: Pack of bikers beat driver of SUV in front of family

Video Screenshot

Bikers attacked an SUV in New York this weekend, which resulted with the driver being beaten by the bikers in front of his family.

The incident was captured on helmet-mounted camera, and shows a pack of motorcyclists surrounding the black Range Rover. It is not known why bikers surrounded the car, but the driver was forced to slow down when a biker went directly in front of him. In that process, 33-year-old Alexian Lien, who was driving the vehicle with his wife and young daughter, was forced to slow down. Soon after, the panic-stricken man drives the SUV past the bikers, which mowed down several bikers.

Lien drove off and the group of bikers chased him. The driver was forced to stop his SUV when he hit the New York traffic in Washington Heights. That is when the bikers started attacking his car with their helmets, smashing the windows and forcing him out of the car before beating him.

Lien was taken to a nearby hospital and suffered multiple stitches and cuts to his face.

It is being reported that one of the bikers he ran over may be paralyzed.

Police have not yet identified the bikers who attacked Lien. So far, 15 bikers have been arrested, but they are not related to the latest incident.

The bikers were scheduled to attend an event in Times Square on Sunday, but were turned away because the event had created problems in the past.

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