Big Brother 2014 contestants clash over gay marriage: Lingerie model Danielle McMahon says true marriage is 'through God'

[Channel 5]

Big Brother has barely begun and there has already been a clash of perspectives between housemates, this time over gay marriage.

While most people avoid wading into hot potato issues when getting to know people, Catholic lingerie model Danielle McMahon and playboy bunny Kimberly Kisselovich got stuck in to a conversation about same-sex marriage.

The two didn't see eye to eye on the issue, after Danielle said she did not believe it should take place in church. 

Kimberly revealed she had walked out on a service mid-sermon because the preacher was saying gay people would go to hell.

"I went to church with my sister, close to my house...we have a lot of friends who are gay and we walked in there and they were absolutely slating gay people...they're in hell and all this sort of stuff and I just walked out," she said.  How could someone be so horrible...I find it so crazy."

Danielle responded sympathetically, saying "that's too much, I don't agree with that", but she held to her view on gay marriage in church.

"I'd never turn around and say, you're going to hell...God still loves you regardless.  I just don't agree with it in the church of God."

The Catholic Church was one of the most vocal opponents of the legalisation of gay marriage in Britain. 

When fellow housemate Marlon Wallen joined the discussion, he said people should "get married to who the hell you want to get married to". 

"It's as simple as that," he said.

Danielle explained her views further, suggesting that while civil partnerships were acceptable, the "Catholic Church don't believe in same-sex marriage in the church and I go by what the Pope says ... I've not got a problem with same-sex marriage."

While Kimberly claimed that marriage was just "a piece of paper", Danielle revealed her belief that the only true marriage was "through God in the Catholic Church".

"Or else, to me it's not marriage really," she said. 

Kimberly left the conversation but revealed later that it had left an unpleasant taste in her mouth, telling Marlon, "You're entitled to an opinion but you shouldn't have an opinion that excludes other people."