'Big Hero 7' release date update: Sequel not yet confirmed but likely to premiere in 2018

Screenshot from Disney's "Big Hero 6" Official U.S. TrailerYouTube/WaltDisneyAnimationStudios

The Disney movie "Big Hero 6" was such a great hit and fans are very eager for its expected sequel, "Big Hero 7." There has been no confirmation if a sequel is already in the making, but speculations point to a premiere in 2018.

"Big Hero 6" became one of Disney's highest grossing animated films, which is enough reason to believe that Disney will be creating a sequel. In a previous interview with Screenrant, Genesis Rodriguez — who voiced Honey Lemon — revealed, "There's rumblings of something else happening. I mean yesterday I just saw that it's the third most grossing Disney animated feature, so this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn't want to do another one. It was a huge success."

As previously reported by Variety, "Big Hero 6" director Chris Williams said that the sequel must have a great story to unfold. "If it's not a great story, it won't be a great movie. The crew deserves a great story. And we have expectations from the audience, who grew up with Disney animation."

Directors Williams and Don Hall wouldn't want to disappoint the "Big Hero 6" fanbase with a story that they don't feel strongly about.

One of the rumors about the possible storyline for "Big Hero 7" is Hiro's brother — Tadashi Hamada — becoming the sequel's new villain. Because Tadashi's body was not found in the explosion that allegedly killed him, some fans believe that he survived and has turned into Sunfire, who has the ability to fly and create superheated plasma.

It is expected that after the Hamada brothers battle head to head, Tadashi will have a change of heart and join their team of superheroes, leading to the formation of "Big Hero 7."

Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee teased that they will start working on the "Big Hero 6" sequel after "Doctor Strange," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Black Panther," and "Inhumans." With the given timeline of movie releases, it is expected that "Big Hero 7" will be ready to premiere sometime in 2018.