'Big Hero 6' sequel rumors: 'Big Hero 7' title to focus on Tadashi?

After winning an Academy Award (Best Animated Feature), the calls for a sequel to "Big Hero 6" is now in the air. With an impressive performance that saw the Walt Disney movie gross close to half a billion dollars, rumors have it that a "Big Hero 7" may not be far from happening.

The title, "Big Hero 7", was something teased by film writer Jon Negroni. And if so, it could mean that the next installment may be focusing on Hero's brother, Tadashi.

Why Tadashi? Looking back it will be recalled that Tadashi ran back into a building that caught fire to try and save Callahan. However an explosion broke out, in what ordinarily led many to believe that Tadashi had died. Or did he? Does the explosion or the fire have any inclination on what actually happened to Tadashi?

Apparently this is an angle that Negroni believes is perfect for a sequel. Tadashi could surface and initially play the bad guy. But in the end, perhaps for due to a bigger enemy or a sudden flashback, Tadashi could change colors and join the team to form the Big Hero 7.

Now while that kind or angle does make sense, all of it are purely theories for now. Per directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, all they can say right now is that a sequel could be possible but nothing is in the works, at least not yet.

On whether there would be a Big Hero 6 (2) or Big Hero 7 is all pure speculation for now. But for fans who were able to watch it, a sequel is surely something that would be welcome. Now the only question is when and what the actual plot could be.