Bible Society Experiences Huge Rise in Demand for Christian Resources in Egypt

The national Bible Society in Egypt has reported a 26% increase in Bible and Christian literature sales. The rise in demand for Bibles and Christian resources such as audio cassettes, videos and CDs, has prompted the Bible Society to hail this year as "one of its best years ever" at the Cairo International Bookfair.

This year, already 40,000 Bibles and 215,600 audio cassettes have been sold throughout the Bible Society’s bookshops and at the Bookfair. Customers are returning regularly to buy the latest resources and to speak about the Christian faith to the staff.

"One man came to the Bookfair stand asking, ‘Who is Jesus?’. Another asked, ‘I want to know God, where do I start’," said Ramez Atallah, General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt. "A medical student actually came back to the stand to ‘complain’ that the Bible he had bought a few days before was taking up all his time and he was unable to study! The Bible Society staff put him in touch with a local church and he and his fiancée have both become Christian."

The results are "just a drop in a bucket", says Atallah. "We need your continued prayers and support to think of more and more creative ways to penetrate society, making the Word of God available and accessible to all."

Bible Society is a worldwide Christian charity dedicated to making the Bible known all over the world by building bridges between the Bible and peoples’ daily lives.