Bible Journey imagines following in footsteps of Jesus

A new website has been launched to coincide with The Bible miniseries set to air on Channel 5 this winter.

The Bible Journey website imagines following in the footsteps of Jesus, Paul, Peter, John and other key figures of the New Testament.

Visitors to the website will be walked through the New Testament using illustrative maps, original photos of the Holy Land and information profiles.

The website includes group study outlines and sermon notes.

It has been created by retired Ofsted inspector and headteacher Chris Taylor, and his wife Jenifer, also an ex-headteacher.

Over the last 15 years, they have gathered information and photos from across the eastern Mediterranean.

"We want visitors to the website to see the Bible 'on the ground' where it actually took place. It really opens your eyes when you cross the same wild mountain passes as St Paul did in Turkey," said Mr Taylor.

"Do it on foot from Perga to Pisidian Antioch, for example, and it will take you 25-30 days. Paul was spreading the gospel in every village he stopped at, not just in the cities we read of in Acts.

"Or go to the cave at Caesarea Philippi which the locals thought was the entrance to the pagan underworld, and you'll understand much more of what Jesus meant by 'The gates of hell will not prevail against you'."