Bible Left Untouched And Unmoved After Powerful Tornado Rips Through Christian University In Mississippi


Powerful tornadoes ripped through southern Mississippi late last month, bringing death and destruction to many places.

But amid the ruins, one thing stood out—a Bible that was miraculously found undamaged and unmoved from its original position at a chapel at William Carey University, the Daily Mail reported.

The staff of the Christian university wondered how the Bible could have withstood the power of one of the tornadoes travelling at around 150 mph that directly hit the area. They noted the window next to the Bible was smashed to pieces.

They were all the more stunned when they found the Bible opened on Psalm 46, which reads: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

A statue of Jesus at the campus was also left untouched by the tornado, University President Tommy King told CBN News.

A school spokeswoman said nearly all of the 30 buildings on campus were damaged, and about 100 vehicles destroyed.

Rick Wilemon, an instructor at the university, said the Bible's miraculous survival had inspired and strengthened the faith of the university staff and the residents in the area after the tornado claimed four lives.

There have been other calamities in the past when the Bible had withstood destruction.

In February 2016, a vehicle crashed and burned on a highway in Memphis, Tennessee, Sun and Shield reported. The SUV was a total wreck. Fortunately, the driver survived the roadside inferno. There was another survivor—a Bible in the front passenger seat of the vehicle.

In April 2015, a tour bus used by country band Lady Antebellum caught fire, completely destroying the vehicle, Christian Today reported.

Everyone inside the bus managed to get out before the vehicle was fully consumed by fire. All the band members' personal items were lost save for one: Hillary Scott's Bible. Although the outside cover of the Bible was burned, not one page was damaged, Scott said.

In January 2015, a Bible in a Christian home also miraculously survived when it was torched by a Muslim mob in the West African nation of Niger, according to Fox News.