Bethel Church receives hundreds of requests for healing from coronavirus stress

Bethel has opened online healing rooms to help people deal with stress and anxiety brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The church, based in Redding, California, has suspended its services and closed its campus as a result of the outbreak.  It has also paused its in-person healing ministry at local hospitals. 

It has, however, mobilised volunteers to take the healing ministry online so that people can continue to receive spiritual support while observing social distancing rules. 

"The Healing Rooms is where we pursue the Holy Spirit and His healing power in a special time of ministry," it says on its website.

"It's a place we see God bring life, wholeness, and love to those suffering from physical ailments. We are joy-filled believers who see God bring complete restoration and healing." 

Chris Gore, head of healing at Bethel, told The Washington Post that some 700 healing volunteers are working together to make the ministry available seven days a week from 9am to 5pm (Pacific time) over the internet. 

He said they are receiving around a hundred calls a day from around the world, with the most common request being about stress relating to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Writing on his Facebook page, he asked people to share the news "so that people know we are here to pray for them".