Beth Moore: 5 ways to live out your calling

Hillsong | Twitter

We are not only responsible for ourselves and our own generation, but for every one that comes after us – this was the message of US evangelist and author Beth Moore today.

Speaking in Wembley Arena, she told 10,000 women gathered for Hillsong's Colour Conference: "You have been chosen for this generation. All generations are called by God.

"The generations are raising up the next generation to be a people of generation tells another of the faithful word of God."

Moore, who founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994, spoke from 1 Peter, Isaiah and Acts, and said it was vital that Christians understand their God-given purpose. He calls forth the generations and chooses us, she said, never forcing himself upon us, but giving us the opportunity to receive him.

Moore then outlined five ways that we can live out our calling.

1. Each generation must purposely generate. We must be intentional about the way we share our faith, she said. Prejudice generates hate, scandals generate headlines and we want governments that generate jobs and a good economy. As Christians, we are called to generate faith by sharing our love of Jesus with those around us, no matter how old or young – "We are responsible for one another."

2. To generate, we have to communicate. We are all called to be communicators; to share the Gospel and witness to and testify of God's goodness. "To communicate we tell Christ's story, our own story, and the story that we have together," Moore said.

3. Eliminate what you don't want to generate. "We will pass on what we possess – it doesn't matter if we want to or not," Moore added. If we believe lies spoken over us, then we will pass those on to younger generations, so we have to get rid of them, she said. "Become the woman you want your daughters to be."

4. Appreciate what is yours to generate. Moore urged those present to recognise their giftings and know their place as co-worker with God – "You have something to bring to this table that no one else has. Appreciate who God is raising you to be." She insisted that each person has been placed in their particular sphere of influence for a reason, and must value their own contribution to God's plan in the world.

5. To generate, don't impersonate. The rise of social media and its increasing influence over us means we're constantly at risk of trying to present only the best version of ourselves. "We are impersonating the perfect us, the promotional us, the marketed us, to get the attention that we're craving," Moore warned. "But nothing you could make up is the wonder that you are in Christ all by yourself."