Best weight loss tips for January 2018

Food is seen on a table at a restaurant at the port of El Masnou, near Barcelona May 16, 2008.REUTERS/Albert Gea

The holiday season is now upon us, which means that majority of the population will soon be concerned about how to lose the extra weight they might have gained during this jubilant period of time. It is true that everyone will have their own New Year's resolution, and most people will have exercise as one of them. Here are a few tips to lose some, or all, of the weight gained during the holidays. 

The idea of going on a rigorous exercise after the holidays can be a very discouraging thought for most people -- especially since they usually associate losing weight with suspending their ability to eat the food they love through dieting. However, dieting is merely a temporary solution to the life-long problem of staying in shape -- as it allows for people to have an "unhealthy relationship with food."  

Dieting may work if there is a weight goal in mind for a special occasion, but this method of weight loss might actually cause problems in the future for any person. When engaged in a diet regimen, it is possible for an individual to restrict themselves from having necessary building blocks for the body to be able to consistently perform and function on an optimum level -- an example of which is choosing to stay away from energy-giving carbohydrates.

Fortunately, there are healthier and more fun alternatives in order to lose more weight. An example of which is to never skip breakfast, since it stops people from snacking incessantly throughout the day. Most people will have an abundance of leftover turkey from the holidays, which will be a good choice of protein if they want to reduce the size of their waistlines because of the lean and mostly white meat. 

Additionally, some excess weight can be prevented by choosing the right beverage to consume during the New Year party. This trend is called Dry January, which is a form of detox wherein before the New year, and for the rest of January, alcohol is to be avoided. This practice allegedly helps people to be less dependent on the substance, as well as improve overall happiness and life satisfaction.