Ben Affleck Batman rumors: New Batman movie scripts revealed; new movie supposedly inspired by David Fincher's 'The Game'

Warner Bros. PicturesBen Affleck as Batman

Batman fans rejoice as Matt Reeves, the director of the last two "Planet of the Apes" movies, has began working on his take on the new Batman movie.

Taking the creative reins from Ben Affleck, Reeves will reportedly steer the upcoming solo Batman in a new direction: the Dark Knight will be taking on the "tortured soul" premise, much like Caesar, the ape protagonist in his last movie, .

This, however, was quite far from Affleck's take on Batman. Umberto Gonzalez from The Wrap took to twitter to post about the supposed inspiration of Affleck's version, the 1997 flick "The Game" from David Fincher. Gonzalez insinuated that the similarities of the premise makes his reveal plausible, since "The Game" is about a wealthy banker who participates in a mysterious game that turns his life upside down disconnecting him from reality.

The said tweet gained traction after Joe Manganiello gave it a like. Manganiello plays the supervillain "Deathstroke" from the hit television series "Arrow" and was also rumored to be on the new Batman film.

Despite the supposed creative difference between Reeves' and Affleck's versions, websites like Comic Book suggested that Reeves may have still been inspired by the original script from Affleck. "The Game's" element of surprise and thrilling suspense is also something familiar in the Batman universe. In one of his interviews back in June, Reeves even said he wanted to give the upcoming movie a noir feel.

Regardless, Reeves has assured the meticulous fans of the franchise that he is more than capable of directing the newest solo Batman movie, as was proven by the critical acclaim of his last movie, "War for the Planet of the Apes."

The upcoming Batman movie directed by Reeves has no exact release date yet, but it is speculated to be out in 2019.