'Beauty and the Beast' season 3 spoilers: A major character's life threatened

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It looks like the life of one of the major characters in "Beauty and the Beast" will be in grave danger when the series returns for its third season.

A spoiler posted on E! News recently shared that somebody's life will be threatened in the upcoming season, but it specifically stated that Tess (Nina Lissandro) is not one of the options. It means that the one to be caught in a life-or-death situation would either be Catherine (Kristin Kreuk), Vincent (Jay Ryan), or J.T. (Austin Basis). According to the report, the character will be rushed to the hospital after facing danger.

Could it be Vincent, who was earlier seen surrounded by a troop of cops wearing heavy gear and ready to fire at any given moment? The still images of what looks like a life threatening rooftop chase scene were posted by series director Stuart Gillard in his Twitter account. But if Vincent will be safe next season, there are no details given on how Catherine or J.T. could possibly be harmed in the upcoming episodes of "Beauty and the Beast." 

Meanwhile, the police procedural sci-fi drama recently made history when The CW ordered for the show's fourth season even before the premiere of the 13-episode season 3. The news came out on Valentine's Day, when CBS Studios tweeted that a "Beauty and the Beast" season 4 will be filmed in June after season 3 airs on May 21 in the U.S. 

The Inqisitr reported that despite the low ratings of the show, the fourth season was ordered because of the demand of its very loyal fan base. They should expect to see "Beauty and the Beast" season 4 sometime in 2016.