Beauty queen thanks parents' faith in God for decision not to abort her despite her disability

Newly crowned Ms Wheelchair America Eliza McIntosh (right) is greeted on stage by former winner Dr. Alette Coble-Temple following her coronation at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Aug. 13, 2016.(Facebook/Eliza McIntosh)

Here's another reason why every unborn child should be given a chance to live: A young woman who was recommended by doctor to be aborted is now a proud athlete and beauty queen.

When she was still inside her mother's womb, Eliza McIntosh's future appeared bleak. Doctors told her parents that at best, she would be in a vegetative state and would need a breathing tube all her life if she was to live.

Because of this, the doctors advised her parents to abort her. However, because of their faith in God, her parents did not heed this advice.

"My parents are very religious, so are against abortions regardless," the 21-year-old McIntosh told Life Site News, "and their attitude was, 'This is the hand we've been dealt with, so we'll play it as well as we can'."

McIntosh was born with a medical condition called spinal dysgenesis, which paralysed half her body from the waist down. Seeing her as a gift from God, her parents adjusted their lifestyles to be able to take care of her.

"They weren't going to let me die," McIntosh shared. "They decided to modify our home to make it more accessible and have never treated me any differently."

She also credits her parents for giving her a never-say-die attitude in life.

"Both of my parents have always been a great inspiration," she said. "They never told me I couldn't do anything; we've always found a way around any difficulties I've had."

"They instilled in me that I should know the difference between having a disability and being disabled," McIntosh continued. "Having a disability is something you're born with, but being disabled means you let it stop you."

Because of the encouragement given to her by her parents, McIntosh was able to conquer a lot of things. She is now a basketball player, and was recently crowned Miss Wheelchair America 2017.