Beautiful Eulogy offer soul-stirring lyrical theology

Those fortunate enough to be well acquainted with the refreshing musical and ministerial giftings in the work of Beautiful Eulogy will, I am sure, unite with me in this proclamation: this group is completely out of this world and unlike anything I have ever heard before!

Based in Portland, Oregon, and signed to Humble Beast Records, Beautiful Eulogy consists of the artists Braille, Odd Thomas and Courtland Urbano, who, having featured on other projects, have now come together.

The group have taken the direction of embracing their hip hop roots as well as combining this genre with other sounds such as hymns and folk songs. Electronic music acts as the glue, effortlessly synchronising the cocktail which is to be found in the instrumentation of their music.

The beautiful lyrical theology is the driving force of the group's music. They have taken the approach of presenting 'meaty' theological truths and addressing biblical concepts, imploring listeners to join them on the journey of growing in understanding and in love with the one true God.

The style they have adopted in their quest to present absolute truths found in the Word of God cannot be pocketed, yet tends to gravitate between a generic rap style and spoken word; a trait which has remained consistent from their first project entitled 'Satellite Kite', released in June 2012, to their latest album 'Instruments of Mercy' released in October this year.

Instruments of Mercy gives the listener, whether an unbeliever or believer, insight into the heart which is to be found in every believer of Jesus Christ which can be highlighted as follows - sheer marvel at the wondrous works of love and mercy demonstrated by our glorious Saviour on the cross of Calvary.

A notable element of this project is the focus of the concepts and the direction to which all the tracks are pointing: Christ. Beautiful Eulogy accurately exposes the depravity and sinfulness of man (mainly by their transparency concerning their need for God) whilst encouraging the listeners to take hold of the mercy and grace which has been illustrated in the work and dealings of our Lord.

The track listing provides the perfect backdrop and highlights the intricacy which has been lavished on this album.

'Vital Lens,' which is the second track on the album, explains the need for our eyes to be opened and our hearts to enlightened by the truth of who God is and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This track is closely followed by 'Exile Dial Tone', a song which addresses the battle of being in the world and not of the world and encourages the believer to continue embracing our stance as the light of the world. 'The size of Sin' marks the fourth track and beautifully expounds on our need for Christ, providing itself as the perfect canvas for the songs to follow.

'You can save me' presents itself as the first stroke of colour on this canvas and perfectly marks the beginning of the Christian walk in our acknowledgement of our need for Christ. 'Instruments of Mercy' demonstrates Beautiful Eulogy's desire to adopt a worship style to their music, in addressing the mercy which has bestowed upon them and their need and duty to continue to do likewise to those who do not deserve it in similarity to us.

I am reminded of the book of Colossians in the way in which they have presented their album. The group explores the supremacy and might of Christ, the gospel and His mercy revealed and how we as believers are to walk in Him as a result of the receiving of this gracious gift.

'Release me from this snare', the second video release from this album, sheds light on the issue of dealing with sin and the snares in which we find ourselves in. The video simply encapsulates the very tangible and practical elements of dealing with sin whilst pointing to Christ as the ultimate conqueror over it. This video provides listeners with the perfect introduction to Beautiful Eulogy as a group and insight into what is to be expected from the rest of their production style.

There is so much more to be said regarding this group and the amazing work that has been produced in only two albums to the glory of God. Let us support our brothers in the furtherance of their ministry and draw encouragement as we are reminded of the mercy that has been granted to us in abundance by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us dwell on the truth of Gods mercy, love God because He first loved us and demonstrate the likeness of our Lord in the way in which we are merciful to others. This is, in my books, the most uplifting gospel centred album of 2013!