Beardless Duck Dynasty brother: Pastor Alan Robertson to help spread Word of God by joining season 4


Duck Dynasty is set to return for its fourth season in August with a new castmember. The reality show revolves around the Roberson brothers and the new addition will be Phil Robertson's eldest son Alan Robertson.

Alan Robertson is a pastor who surprisingly is the only one of the Robertson brothers who doesn't have the iconic beard. He has been a pastor at Whites Ferry Road Church of Chris in West Monroe, Louisiana, for 22 years and he has agreed to be on the show to help spread the word of God.

"What I do for our church - you see, it's a pretty good-sized church - impacts a lot of people, but because of my association with the show, I'll get to minister to a lot more people," Alan told New York Post. "Any person that's an evangelist, that's what you want to do, so I had to give this up for something possibly bigger."

Alan said he and his wife had with the congregation on whether to join the cast before ultimately deciding to be on the show.

The 47-year-old cast member will join the family's duck call manufacturing business, as their public relations manager.

The hit A&E show had brought instant fame to the Robertson family, which had Alan concerned about joining the show. "My children are grown, but all of my brothers' children are teenagers now, so how is this crazy world going to impact them?" he told the New York Post. "We think about John Luke and Sadie, who are such a big part of the show and they're teenagers, you know? They need to be just normal teenagers. We pray about that."

Alan's father Phil and mother Kay, along with his uncle Si and three brothers have all starred in the series for three seasons. Alan's wife Lisa is set to feature in the show, joining the wives of his three brothers.

Duck Dynasty's season three finale broke the network's ratings and brought in a whopping 9.6 million viewers.

See a video of the cast of Duck Dynasty below:

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