'Battlefield 5' release date rumors: Game might not be featured in EA Play after all

The appearance of "Battlefield 5" in EA Play is up in the air again.EA DICE

A brand new leak suggesting that fans will be treated their first look at the heavily-rumored shooter "Battlefield 5" in the upcoming EA Play has been confirmed fake by its own source.

The leak claims that the game giant will use the three-day off-site event to be conducted in June to showcase "Battlefront 5," which was subtitled "Eastern Front."

The name suggests that the next installment of the "Battlefield" series will be located in Russia. After all, it has been widely speculated that the game will be set in World War 1 after previous leaks that seem to make it appear so.

Another giveaway to the fakery of the leak was the involvement of former EA executive Nick Earl in the so-called "Mercenaries 3" launch. As many fans already know, Earl left the company last year.

On the other hand, a separate leak seems to discuss EA's post-launch plans for the new "Battlefield" iteration. The first DLC, according to the list, will be released on Dec. 6. This hints that "Battlefield 5" should be out and about before that date.

Oddly enough, this so-called "Battlefield 5" DLC is called "Eastern Front," which makes it seem like this leak may also be erroneous or fake. For those who think otherwise or want to see it for themselves, they can do so by clicking here.

For now, it seems that concrete details about "Battlefield 5" remain difficult to come by, despite the game expected to be released this year.

Still, the general consensus is that "Battlefield 5" will be see World War 1 as its backdrop. How EA will pull that off remains a mystery, but still something to look forward to.

Previous leaks also indicate that "Battlefield 5" will also be among the titles lined up for Nintendo NX, which is rumored to be up for release later this year.