'Battlefield 5' release date rumored to be announced next month?

Battlefield Hardline, the current game in the franchiseEA DICE

No official word from EA DICE has yet been released concerning the upcoming "Battlefield 5." However, according to a report from Ecumenical News, it is likely that the developers will announce the game's release date this coming March, alongside the launch of the last DLC for "Battlefield: Hardline."

The DLC, titled "Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal," will introduce swordplay and four new maps to last year's popular shooting game. As stated in a report from Polygon, the DLC will launch in March, which is also the first anniversary of "Hardline."

Following the launch of the DLC, Ecumenical News states that an announcement for "Battlefield 5" may follow as the developers will need to begin their marketing efforts in order to build hype for the next game in the franchise. 

The report iterates that Blake Jorgensen, chief financial officer of Electronic Arts, previously confirmed that the new "Battlefield 5" title will launch sometime this year. The report also points out that Dan Vaderlind, development director from EA DICE, previously confirmed he will be eyeing "Battlefiled 5" once "Star Wars: Battlefront" is released.

With that in mind, it is likely the next game will launch by the last quarter of this year, most likely in time for the holiday season. "Star Wars: Battlefront" saw a holiday release and it is likely that "Battlefield 5" will follow suit.

Fans were reportedly disappointed when EA DICE Senior Video and Media Director Randy Evans teased via Twitter that a new trailer for one of their big-name games was releasing this past week and many expected it to be a trailer for "Battlefield 5." Instead, the trailer revealed "Mirror's Edge: Catalyst."

However, this is likely due to the fact that there is still one more DLC pack for "Battlefield Hardline." Fans speculate that the developers will not begin marketing the next game while a DLC for the previous entry has yet to be released.