'Bachelor in Paradise' finale spoilers: Reality Steve predicts four couples will remain


"Bachelor in Paradise" 2015 is ending on Sunday, Sept. 6, and every avid viewer of the series is holding on for the drama, romance, and possible tragedies as the couples face the realities of their relationships. However, there are already spoilers posted online about the two-night finale for those who want to know in advance what's about to take place.

[Spoiler Alert] The first spoiler that came out online is the fallout of the love story between Kirk DeWindt and Carly Waddell. The leak came from an insider who revealed the details to US Weekly. According to the source, Carly really thought that she has found her soul mate and was even talking about having babies with Kirk. But in the finale, Kirk blindsides her and says that he is not on the same page with Carly as far as their relationship is concerned. This leaves her devastated and she runs away in tears. This breakup reportedly happens right before they get the chance to experience the Fantasy Suite date. 

RealitySteve revealed that on the last day of the finale, only four couples are going to be left. Justin and Cassandra stay together and so do Nick and Samantha, but Joshua and Tenley decide to let go of each other. The couple that actually gets engaged is Tanner and Jade. 

Tanner and Jade have been inseparable throughout the show and have been very consistent with their love story. It will not be surprising if they end up marrying soon. However, RealitySteve is not that optimistic about the relationship, citing that it could be just "showmance" based on the short time both of them have been together. Moreover, neither introduced the other to their families. But the tipster added that only time can tell as in the case with last season's Marcus and Lacy who eventually tied the knot months after the show.