Baby left in car overnight after shopping trip dies [VIDEO]: Parents arrested for 'willful cruelty to a child'

A baby left in a car has died after his parent's left him in the vehicle overnight.

The 4-month-old baby boy died inside of a hot car parked on Saturday at an apartment complex in El Cajon, San Diego. Police were called to the scene the next day at 1:30 p.m. but by then the child was unresponsive.

He unnamed baby was taken to a nearby hospital but later died.

The child was found alone in the car after local neighborhood kid spotted it. Temperatures were at 80 degrees Fahrenheit when the baby was found.

The parents of the child, Israel Soto, 30, and Jessica Quezada, 23, have been arrested Sunday and are being held responsible for the baby's death. They have been booked into county jail for suspicion of willful cruelty to a child with injury or death, according to El Cajon police Lt. Frank La Haye. The baby's mother is also charged with alleged possession of a controlled substance.

Their three other children were taken into protective custody.

Following an initial investigation, police believe that the baby was left overnight following a shopping trip on Friday night.

Each year, dozens of children die after their parents forget to take them out of the vehicle. Temperatures inside the vehicles soar to dangerous levels inside the car, which leads to the children's deaths.

In May, a baby was left in a car for hours on a hot day before being found dead hours later.

The baby's mother, Vibha Marks of Balch Springs, worked as an elementary school teacher in Dallas. The 42-year-old was arrested on a charge of second-degree felony child abandonment.

Marks' daughter Victoria had only just celebrated her first birthday the day before the tragic incident. She was discovered in her mother's locked car on the school car park by a high school senior Exenia Gomez who works part time at Frank Guzick Elementary School, according to Dallas Morning News. Temperatures had reached up to 86 degrees that day.

Gomez told the paper: "I looked over and saw that there was a baby in there. I looked at the baby and she
wasn't moving. She had dried bubbles on her face and her eyes were still looking down."

Gomez called 911 and was told to take the child out from the car and perform CPR. However, because the doors were locked, she broke into the car with a piece of wood and picked up the baby from her car seat, who was not moving or breathing. She performed CPR before paramedics arrived on the scene. The baby was taken to a hospital before being pronounced dead.