'Baby Daddy' season 6 episode 2 spoilers: Ben, Danny have questions for Tucker

Promotional poster of "Baby Daddy" season 6.Freeform

Ben Wheeler (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Danny Wheeler (Derek Theler) will be bugging Tucker Dobbs (Tahj Mowry) regarding his recent hook-up in episode 2 of "Baby Daddy" season 6.

Titled "Pro and Con," the synopsis for the upcoming episode of the American sitcom reveals that Ben will seek Danny's help to interrogate Tucker regarding the lady he recently met and flirted with.

In one of the sneak peeks of episode 2, Ben is up late night with Emma eating ice cream. The young father asks his daughter if he is the best dad or the worst dad for putting her out of the bed just to eat ice cream. His daughter simply replies "best" and continues to enjoy her dessert. On the other hand, Ben tells Emma how he cherishes going home to "someone so innocent and pure" especially after a long day at the bar.

A sneak peek of "Baby Daddy" season 6 episode 2 where Ben takes home his lady friend.YouTube/Freeform

However, they are interrupted shortly when Ben's roommate Tucker comes into the house with a lady. Tucker tells his companion, "This is where the magic happens," before they proceed to kissing in front of Ben and Emma. Ben covers the eyes of his daughter and reminds Tucker of the house rules.

Upon getting their attention, Tucker introduces his friend, who has a very unusual name – Kiki. Kiki proceeds to the room, while Tucker shares with Ben how they met that night before realizing that he should already be accompanying his lady friend in the room.

In another sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Ben and Danny carry mischievous smiles on their faces, as they question Tucker about Kiki. They ask several questions, which makes Tucker realize that his friends thought he hired a prostitute for the night. Tucker denies, but his two friends continue to tease him.

A sneak peek of "Baby Daddy" season 6 episode 2 where Ben and Danny tease Tucker.YouTube/Freeform

Meanwhile, episode 2 will also see Bonnie Wheeler (Melissa Peterman) and Brad Walker (Peter Porte) prepare for their trip. However, they are interrupted as Brad is arrested by the FBI. With this, Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane) offers her hand as Brad's lawyer.

"Baby Daddy" season 6 airs episode 2 on Monday, March 20, at 8:30 p.m. EDT on Freeform.

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