Baby on way, Jessa Seewald finds belly button looking like 'pop-up turkey timer'

Jessa Seewald is seen here with her husband Ben. The gender of the couple's first baby remains a mystery to their fans.(Instagram/Jessa Seewald)

Jessa Seewald from the now-cancelled "19 Kids and Counting" show is currently travelling with her husband Ben Seewald. In her latest pregnancy update, she poked fun at her growing belly and belly button.

On her Instagram account (@jessaseewald), the soon-to-be mother shared a photo taken with her husband. The young couple had huge smiles on their faces, and Jessa's belly bump, not to mention her belly button, was protruding underneath her shirt.

She captioned it, "Lol! ...that point in your pregnancy where your belly button is acting like a pop-up turkey timer! Almost there! 11 weeks 3 days left!"

Ben and Jessa's first baby, whose gender has not been revealed yet, is expected to arrive on Nov. 1, the same day the couple tied the knot last year. Jessa's elder sister Jill and her sister-in-law Anna revealed the genders of their respective babies prior to giving birth—Jill had a son named Israel David while Anna gave birth to Meredith Grace. But Ben and Jessa prefer to keep their baby's gender a surprise to their fans.

In fact, they even encouraged fans to take a guess whether Jessa is carrying a boy, girl, twin boys, twin girls, or a twin boy and girl.

"What's up y'all," said Ben in a YouTube video, which they shared in their blog. "As you may know, we found out the gender of our baby, but you don't know yet, so take a good guess."

"Put in your guess," added Jessa. "Some people will say, 'Oh, you're carrying high, or low or whatever. But I don't know. We'll see! Y'all put in your best guess and we'll see what the poll will say."