Authentic praise from Samuel Lane

Samuel Lane is worship leader at Vineyard Church St Albans. His debut solo album The Fire is a collection of twelve powerful songs that was recorded in LA with Emmy award-winning producer Bobby Hartry.

"Fiery Love" is a highlight of the album, a thrilling song in which Samuel sings of the power Jesus has to revive our hearts - "Holy, spirit come and light me up with hands that hold my heart with fiery love"

As Samuel sings out "Passion for your name", it can't help but awaken our own passion for the Lord.

But Samuel is not a one trick pony as "O my Soul" proves. This tender melody shows Samuel is just as skilled at intimate worship as he is at power songs.

This is a beautiful song about how much the Lord did for us and the natural response of the soul in praising Him when the magnitude of this realisation dawns on us again. It's a reminder that we owe the Lord everything - "Lord you had mercy on me and drew the line in the sand. You are my God. I will worship you"

This is what Samuel had to say about the project: "The Fire is an album about encountering God, it's about meeting with him on a mountain top, it's about Jesus, it's about your relationship and your walk with God, and it's about honesty and integrity."

Honesty is a great word when it comes to describing Samuel Lane. All the songs in the album capture not only his passion for Jesus but his authenticity as an artist. His lyrics are convicting and the presence of God is written all over this album.

The folk elements complement his rugged vocals to offer listeners a fresh, beautiful sound that raises spiritual freedom to another level.

The Fire is one of the most uplifting and inspiring worship albums out right now.

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