Aurora Fearnley wins the Pitch film competition

Aurora being presented with her winner's trophy

Aurora Fearnley has scooped the top prize in the Pitch film competition which challenges people to make a film inspired by the Bible.

The 32-year-old from Southwark impressed judges with her space science fiction film, 'Pulsar', based on the story of Jonah.

The character-driven story charts Jonah, a planetary ambassador whose last mission before retirement is to persuade the war torn planet Nineveh to join the Galactic Union. Similar to the Old Testament story, Jonah is a coward until he finds his courage.

Fearnley was given the good news after a panel of five judges heard her pitch at Pinewood film studios last weekend.

She now has the opportunity to develop her film idea with production support from the Pitch team and a budget of £25,000.

"I'm shocked!" she said.

"I've been here so many times, but I've never actually won before, so this is a new feeling.

"Every year I know I've been better at pitching and I've picked up tools and techniques each time to improve. I know it's an ambitious idea and I know I've set myself a challenge, but I'm really excited about the journey of the film."

Actor and Pitch judge David Gyasi, said. "Essentially, for me, it was the story and the character that really grabbed me, along with the way she has translated the original text to a modern and futuristic setting. I could really envisage the film and the audience who it will appeal to."

Luke Walton, the project's Director said: "Each year the standard rises and this year it has been harder than ever to select a winner. Aurora has chosen a great Bible story – the story of Jonah. She looked deep inside the story and what goes on inside the whale. Her vision, emotion and clarity won her the top prize."

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