Audio Adrenaline reforming with Kevin Max

Five years ago, Audio Adrenaline gathered in Hawaii for an emotional finale concert.

After what was supposed to be their last performance, founding members Mark Stuart and Will McGinniss threw themselves into their work supporting a hundred orphans being cared for in Jacmel and Grand Goave, Haiti.

They remain just as passionate about this work and their decision to reform goes hand in hand with their calling to serve orphans.

Audio Adrenaline is returning with a new lineup of musicians with a similar heart to be the voice for orphans in Haiti and around the world.

Proceeds from their new music will go towards the Hands & Feet Project, which provides care for the Jacmel and Grand Groave orphans.

McGinniss resumes his role as the band's bassist, while Stuart will step down as lead vocalist due to spasmodic dysphonia, an involuntary muscle spasm in the larynx.

While Stuart will not be taking to the stage, he is still very much a part of band decisions and has co-written many of the songs on the new album.

Taking over lead vocals is former dcTalk singer and long-time friend of Audio Adrenaline, Kevin Max. The desire to speak for orphans is an issue close to Kevin's heart, as he was himself an orphaned child.

Dave Ghazarian, former guitarist of Superchick, and Jared Byers, Bleach drummer, will also be joining. Singer-songwriter Jason Walker is playing keys.

"I've never been more excited about an Audio A record,” shares Stuart. “We've collectively poured into each song for months, and I love every track. Being able to help write and direct the process of putting the band back together has been an absolute joy. I can't wait to see our fans sing along with Kevin on the AA classics and fall in love with the new songs."

The new album is due for release next March, with the first single, “Kings And Queens”, being released to radio in November.

"It's just an incredible song about this idea of when we love the least of these, God wraps these little orphans in his majesty and they can become kings and queens," Stuart says of the song.

"It gives you that idea that these are God's favourites, these little kids that have been forgotten. There's going to be a special place in heaven one day because of what they've been through here. It's just a triumphant, majestic song that just connects so deeply with Hands & Feet and the message of Audio A right now."

McGinniss shares, “We have joined together under the new banner of Audio Adrenaline, yet the common thread that brings all of us together is for a much greater reason. We are beyond excited to finally share why we are putting the band back together.”