'Attack on Titan 2' gameplay news: Character creation and online modes revealed

Facebook/AttackOnTitanA promotional poster for the Japanese hit anime, "Attack on Titan"

The second title to the anime-inspired "Attack on Titan" game which was released more than a year ago will be coming out in a few months. Since then, storylines and titan battles have been shared with its fans. Just recently, more details about the game's character creation and online modes have been revealed.

The character creation is actually straightforward, just like in any other game character creation. Screenshots were posted via the official website of the game. According to those screenshots, it allows you to change the hairstyle, the jacket, facial features, and even their colors. Some may look a bit out of place from the anime style because of the colors, but the final appearance of the avatars will depend on the players.

As for its online modes, the website also teases of a new Annihilation Mode. The mode requires two teams of four players or "Scouts." In the anime, these were the only characters allowed to go out of the walls. Simply put, these two teams have to defeat Titans. By doing so, they will earn points, and these points will determine which team gets the win.

The mode also highly emphasizes the need for team communication. There are these so-called Chain Bonuses, which grants players more points if they beat a titan as a team. This can also be triggered when titans are killed at the last minute.

"Online functionality isn't only limited to competitive play. Players can take on mission co-operatively in Story Mode and Scout missions with friends or other players around the world," reads an excerpt from the website. "Gathering a team of close allies during these modes allows players to experience the gripping events of A.O.T 2's narrative together, or players can offer help others that are struggling against the Titan threat."

"Attack on Titan 2" will be out in the West by March 20, 2018. It will be playable on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Those in Japan can get it as early as March 15.