Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell not happy with current mobile games, will make his own

Reuters/Gustau NacarinoA visitor uses her mobiles while standing in front of a big screen displaying an Android tablet from Samsung during the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona February 17, 2011.

Nolan Bushnell, considered to be one of the founding fathers of the video gaming industry, is not happy with the mobile games he has on his phone, and decided that he will make one. Bushnell founded the iconic Atari back in 1972.

The Atari co-founder has already joined forces with a small Amsterdam-based game studio called Spil Games. They will be developing and publishing new mobile games that will incorporate Bushnell's Laws, "easy to learn, and difficult to master." He first uttered the phrase back in 1971, while he was still making his baby steps in the gaming world. It is also said that the deal will be good for three mobile game titles, The Guardian reported.

Bushnell acknowledges that modern mobile games are full of visual effects, and players focus more on the graphics and not on the gameplay. Moreover, the entrepreneur also added that mobile games are simply there to kill time, very simple and he can't take it anymore.  Thus the decision to move into mobile game development.

Bushnell said "There are a lot of mobile games out there that just miss it; they miss what I'd call 'hardcore fundamental game design'. At Atari we had to totally focus on that, because our graphics were so terrible, because the technology was so primitive by today's standards."

He also said, "Generally, a tremendous number of mobile games are poorly designed. They can be so focused on graphics that they forget they have to get the timing right, and they have to have proper scoring constructs. I have been so pissed off with some mobile games I've wanted to throw my phone, even if I'm only going to hurt my phone there, and not the game."

The reports also stated that Bushnell's role with Spil will be a producer, designer and adviser.

Android Authority added that back in the day, where graphics were non-existent, game developers had only white squares and black backgrounds but many couldn't stop playing afterwards.

Spil Games was born in 2001 and is responsible for more than 50 online games, mostly casual.