Asia Theology Seminar March schedule began

Rev. Stephen Tong has started his Asia Theology seminar on Feb 28, Taipei. The next stop would be in Kulua Lumpur (March 8-10), Hong Kong (March 16, 22-23), Gaoxiong (March 30-April 1) and at last Singapore (Date to be confirmed).

Rev. Stephen is a famous preacher as well as a theology lecturer. He is also the founder of "Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministry International" and "The Reformed Institute for Christianity in the 21st Century" in the USA. Since he was 17, Rev. Tong devoted himself to preach the Word of God, till now over 40 years, he is still traveling around the world to preach the name of the Lord.

In the first stop Taiwan, Rev. Tong preached with the theme "Vision, Calling and Commission". Three seminars were held in five days, around 1000 people participated in each seminar.

Rev. Tong preached, "God showed man vision in order to share the unchanging will and plan to man, just as in Exodus, God appeared before Moses in the burning bush. First we have to see and hear, then know the commission. Apostles John also testified the Word of life what they preach is what they have heard and what they have seen with their eyes, what they have looked at and their hands have touched."

About receiving vision, Rev. Tong pointed out that "The Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified"(1 Co 1:22) The strength of Western culture comes from Greek, the Greeks logically investigate on how God creates this world, they want to explain God in a reasonable way, but they cannot know God. The Hebrews believed that they are the chosen people, so God communicates to man through them and they are very proud of this. The Hebrews demands on hearing and miracles. Nowadays, some reformed churches emphasized on healing, driving out demons and tongues...But Rev. Tong expressed that the greatest miracle and wisdom is crucifixion and resurrection.