'Ash vs. Evil Dead' season 3 news: New York Comic Con audience surprised with premiere

Facebook/ashvsevildeadA promotional screenshot of "Ash vs. Evil Dead" season 3.

Halloween season is just around the corner but the horror television show "Ash vs. Evil Dead" season 3 will not be arriving in time for it. Some fans may think that this is an odd move by the creators of the show, given that they have opted for a February 2018 release instead. However, they were delighted to hear more about the show during the recent New York City Comic Con.

Despite defeating all of the evil in season 2, Ash, played by Bruce Campbell, will not be taking a break from his monster slaying any time soon. According to Flick Direct, Ash inherited his father's hardware store which is a significant promotion for Ash since his regular employee days back in season 1. Additionally, Ash finds out that he has a daughter somewhere out there.

In a report by IGN, the crowd at the New York Comic Con went wild when they were shown the first episode of the upcoming third season. It seems that despite having a good two-season run so far, the creators have decided to push the envelope with the third season, since the premiere had a very strong impact. The New York Comic Con event ran from Oct. 4 to Oct. 7.

The premiere answered many questions regarding which cast members would be returning for the third season. According to Syfy Wire, Brock, who is played by Lee Majors, made an appearance in the premiere. More importantly, fan favorite Lucy Lawless has been confirmed to make a comeback as the cunning Ruby. In terms of the narrative, season 3 is looking to experiment with other source material such as mythologies and brand new mysteries.

From the released images, it seems that audiences will be able to witness an evil version of Ruby. According to Movie Pilot, they have speculated that Evil Ruby could be the new ruler of the underworld. If this ends up being true, then it would be very unwise to not take her seriously.

Season 3 of "Ash vs. Evil Dead" will return some time in February 2018 on Starz.