As if God parted the clouds: Photographer snaps something unusual in Florida storm

Joe Zuniga/ Instagram

A Florida man driving on I-75 photographed something amazing last week during a Florida rainstorm.

The southeast states have recently been battered by thunderstorms, but musician Joe Zuniga captured a pocket of sunshine through the stormy clouds.

Zuniga said he was on his phone when something caught his attention.

"I was actually on the phone with my sister,' he told Fox13. "It was her birthday. I told her I had to call her back. I had to take a picture."

The Tampa man saw a square-shaped area of sunlight surrounded by an ominous sky.

"It had been storming really badly in Florida, and it looks as if [God] parted the clouds," he told The Weather Channel.

"They looked almost like something spiritual coming through the storm, and the Lord has got your back. It was very peaceful."

FacebookJoe Zuniga

He posted the photo on Instagram and Facebook, and added the caption, "Really cool view! Pouring on both sides with a clear view down the middle! #Florida #storm #rain #thunderstorm." His picture received a tremendous response.

"FEELING HOPEFUL," one Instagram user posted.

"The LORD's handiwork never ceases to amaze me! Beautiful pic! Thanks for sharing Joe," another woman said.

Zuniga said he was amazed that his picture went viral, and at what the image means to so many people.

"I'm very surprised at the reaction from people, how inspired they were to see this photo," he told The Weather Channel.

The weather station explained that the image was created by two rain curtains which edges lined up with the highway, but social media users saw a greater meaning in the photo.

"It's like God is trying to show you the way!! Awesome picture!!" one woman wrote on Zuniga's Facebook page.

"God is truly amazing," another person said.