Art collaboration crosses faiths and cultures

The Three Faiths Forum (3FF) launched its Urban Dialogues Collaboration this week.

The initiative commissions collaborative artwork by artists from different cultural backgrounds.

The commissioning process was opened at an event for artists at White Cube Bermondsey, London, last night.

Urban Dialogues uses art to connect people from different communities and extend the significance of art beyond the walls of a gallery.

Launched in 2009, Urban Dialogues commissions three collaborative artworks annually and exhibits them together with works by individual artists.

The theme for this year's collaborations is 'Reflection' and three £1,500 commissions will be awarded.

Holly Jones, Urban Dialogues manager at 3FF, said: "Urban Dialogues is about what emerges when you bring different people together and give them the opportunity to create something new.

"Collaboration does not equal consensus, and we are as interested in exploring differences as we are in the similarities between artistic practices and points of view.

"We hope that the process of collaboration will generate transformative ideas and relationships, as well as exceptional artwork."

Urban Dialogues is run in partnership with Radical Middle Way, Art and Christianity Enquiry, JCC for London, King's College London, City Bridge Trust, the Bible Society and Red Gallery.

The completed collaborations will be displayed at the Urban Dialogues Exhibition at the Red Gallery from 1 to 13 October. Applications for the commissions will remain open until the end of May.