'ARMS' update 3.2 to bring badge, new character

Facebook/NintendoA promotional poster for the "ARMS" open invitational tournament event.

The new trailer for "ARMS," which was released during the Nintendo World Championships 2017, became the vehicle in owing up to the promised update 3.2. At the end of a trailer, a hint, it would seem like it, of a new character unveiled.

Update 3.2 is announced to come later this month to the game "ARMS." The update for the Nintendo Switch game will bring badges and other new features. This badge scheme will work as a reward for players, much like Xbox's achievements and PlayStation 4's trophies. With this, players can be motivated in playing the game because an achievement would mean there is something that will be unlocked.

Along with this, the trailer teases of a character that is fresh to the eyes. This had people speculating if the new fighter will be added to the roster. The character, which looked fierce and powerful, has spring arms and eyes that are gleaming. However, it was not discussed and elaborated on by the developer. Others were quick to notice that this new warrior seems to resemble Spring Man.


The game also added to its lineup of fighters last month a new, more colorful character called Lola Pop. Lola Pop is a clown who has the unique ability to inflate like a balloon, which serves as her defense mechanism. Being like a balloon does not hinder her from attacking as well. After deflating, her jumps get boosted so she can hop higher than the usual.

Developed by Nintendo, "ARMS" is described as a fighting game whose characters have arms that are extendable. Players can choose over a range of players, each possessing an exceptional ability. Players can also opt to create a fighter with different arms that have unique features, depending on their preference.