Armed police stand guard at Keswick Convention

The annual Keswick Convention has begun in the Lake District town – with armed police drafted in to keep the 15,000 Convention-goers safe.

The three-week Convention began on Saturday and features New Testament scholar Don Carson as the main Bible Reading speaker.

Keswick ConventionThe Keswick Convention is guarded by armed police.

Armed police are being deployed around the Convention's Skiddaw Street and Rawnsley premises, according to the News and Star, while planters and vehicles will be placed outside buildings to deter vehicle attacks. Searches will also be carried out.

The measures have been taken following terror attacks in London and Manchester, though police say there is no specific threat.

Keswick Ministries spokeswoman Jutta Devenish said: 'We have been taking advice from local police over a long period of time.

'They said that as these actions have been recommended on a national basis, they advise us to do the same.

'We have not been given any information that we are likely to be a target, we just want to reassure people in the town and conventioners.

'Armed police will also be on patrol in the town to reassure people and Keswick Ministries has hired its own, professional SIA trained security team.

'We have only had one enquiry about security for this year's event, which is pretty amazing.'