'Arma 3' DLC news: 'Laws of War' introduces players to the Geneva Convention

YouTube/Arma 3"War does have rules," is one of the taglines for the new downloadable content (DLC) for Arma 3 called "Laws of War."

When confronted with an enemy, first-person shooter (FPS) players of "Arma 3" may want to think first and contemplate before pulling the trigger, as Bohemia Interactive, the publisher and developer of the game, introduces its new downloadable content (DLC) "Laws of War." The latest game-add was crafted based on the actual laws from the Geneva Convention and other official documents. 

"Arma 3" shifts its focus from the military aspects of modern warfare to civilian casualties in its new DLC. The "Laws of War" DLC adds a new campaign that features a new, non-military faction called the International Development and Aid Project, or IDAP.

Workers from the non-government organization (NGO) IDAP will have a different role on the battlefield, as they will be picking up stragglers and nursing them, as well as disarming explosives and other threats. The IDAP will also have specialized roles like Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD), according to the official DLC notes.

The DLC will also be featuring a mini-campaign with a different perspective, and players will get to experience being in the shoes of IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who is tasked with disarming land mines scattered all over the post-war Republics of Altis & Stratis, the fictional in-game countries.

The mini-campaign will behave more like a mystery exposition story, similar to most story-driven games where players will get to uncover the events that led up to the battle of the town of Oreokastro and experience either side of the conflict as a neutral humanitarian element.

IDAP has all the bells and whistles of a modern rescue and disaster response entity, with the DLC featuring ambulances and vans, utility and demining drones, mine dispensers, and, of course, the usual rescue team safety gear of vests, safety goggles, hard hats, and more.

Jim Crowe, the creative director for "Arma 3," describes the importance of the DLC as unlocking a new perspective of the battlefield. It shies away from the common modern warfare violence present in most FPS games today and brings a fresh and new experience, especially for long-time players of the game.

"Arma 3: Laws of War" is now available on Microsoft Windows and Linux.