Archbishop of Canterbury launches Lambeth Conference prayer journey

The Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a prayer journey for the Lambeth Conference, the global meeting of Anglican bishops due to be held in 2022. 

The 15th Lambeth Conference was supposed to be held in Canterbury, Kent, last year but was postponed because of the pandemic. 

The conference is now planned for the summer of 2022. 

The prayer journey launched today is intended to help the Anglican Communion prepare for the gathering by praying for issues affecting the world, like Covid-19, the climate crisis, poverty and economic injustice. 

A range of prayers have been contributed by Anglican bishops, clergy and laity focusing on the themes of hope, proclaiming the Good News, responding to the pandemic, the planet, peace, justice and poverty.

In a video message launching the journey, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: "Journeying together, we must forge a new vision of Anglicanism that is equipped to respond to the needs of a 21st century world, a much-changed world - changed by crisis and by the advances of science.

"And we must invite the wider Anglican world to share wisdom and insights with us along the way."

He continued: "In such difficult times – and with our world facing such challenges – we need to listen to God, to be alert to the needs of the world and to love one another as we share our prayers and our needs."