Archbishop of Canterbury is making plans for another primates meeting

The Primates at the 2016 meeting at Canterbury CathedralPrimates 2016

The Archbishop of Canterbury is to call another meeting of the worldwide Archbishops of the Anglican Communion in a further attempt to heal divisions over sexuality.

At the last meeting in January this year, "consequences" were imposed on The Episcopal Church of the United States over its decision to go ahead with same-sex marriage.

The Church in Canada is subsequently agreed this summer to do the same, although a second vote on the issue will not take place for another three years.

At the last primates' meeting, the Church leaders agreed to try to walk together.

However, given the growing differences over sexuality, that is looking like an increasingly difficult journey.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has asked the primates of the Anglican Communion to reserve a week in October next year.

This will be just months before the next meeting of the conservative leadership body, GAFCON, in Jerusalem in 2018. Many primates in the Global South countries of Africa and Asia now look to GAFCON for Anglican leadership because of the liberalism of the church in the West over issues such as sexuality.

Although formal invitations have yet to be issued, the meeting is expected to take place once more in Canterbury.

The primates will be given an interim report from task force created by the Welby in response to the consequences imposed on the US Church.

George Conger of Anglican Ink reports: "Relations amongst the Churches are at a point not seen since the boycott of the 2008 Lambeth Conference, with a number of GAFCON affiliated primates and others nonplussed by what they see as a disconnect between Archbishop Justin Welby's words and his deeds."