Archbishop remembers bravery and sacrifice of all those who took part in D-Day

The Archbishop of Canterbury paid tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of those who took part in D-DayReuters

The Archbishop of Canterbury was among those remembering the brave members of the Allied forces who took part in D-Day 75 years ago in what was a major turning point in World War Two. 

On Twitter, the Most Rev Justin Welby paid tribute to the "profound bravery and sacrifices of the coalition of international forces led by the UK and USA – and lament the horrors and destruction of war".

This week, the Archbishop is in Caen, in Normandy, France, where he will take part in commemorative events to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 

He is one of the special guests at the Normandy Peace Forum taking place around the celebrations. The forum is an opportunity to reflect on peace, reconciliation, justice and forgiveness.

Many of the celebrations in the region will centre on the Memorial de Caen, a major landmark and permament tribute to the historic events that played out on the beaches nearby. 

In the UK, commemorations were taking place in Portsmouth where the Queen and international leaders gathered to remember the anniversary.